Thursday, April 7, 2016

A More Perfect Union: SC Works

One of the biggest needs in our county is jobs. We have people looking for work, as well as employers looking for a certain kind of employee. There is an organization working to bring together employees and employers, and that is why SC Works is being featured in this installment of A More Perfect Union.

Located at 103 W. Main Street, SC Works provides a place where those seeking employment can submit resumes, and where those seeking employees can ask for help. The staff works to find workers with the right qualifications for the right jobs, making the searching process much easier for both parties. They have a good rapport with the human resource departments around the county, giving them quick access to those doing the hiring.

In addition to simply providing potential employees with information, SC Works goes a step further, giving tips for what to do and what not to do in the interview process. Follow them on Facebook here to get the latest job postings, information, or tips about how to interview.

 Katherine Pendergrass takes her job seriously and will go above and beyond to help someone find employment. Her hard work and dedication to our county is helping to build a more perfect Union.     

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hillary: Unborn Persons Have No Rights

Hillary Clinton made a shocking admission on NBC’s Meet the Press.  When speaking of the unborn, she said, “The unborn person does not have Constitutional rights.” She went on to add that no laws or practices include, “sacrificing the mother’s right to make decisions.”

This is a major statement because abortion rights groups refuse to use any words that will “humanize the fetus,” and person is about as human as it gets. “Person” has become a legal word, not merely referring to homo sapiens, but to those human beings who are entitled to Constitutional rights.

Clinton’s comments served as an oxymoron; one cannot be both a person and not entitled to Constitutional rights.

As science has begun to definitively prove that the “fetus” is very much alive inside the womb, abortion activists have had to alter their approach. Many no longer insist that the fetus is just a “clump of cells,” but argue instead against personhood. Hillary’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, conceded as much in his memoirs, noting that the unborn child is alive, but not entitled to personhood status.

This personhood debate goes all the way back to Roe v Wade, where Justice Harry Blackmun wrote in the majority opinion:

“If this suggestion of personhood is established, the appellant’s case, of course, collapses, for the fetus’ right to life would then be guaranteed specifically by the [14th] Amendment.”   

The 14th Amendment is what guarantees all Americans have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Hillary Clinton made the jump from fetus to person; from human with no rights to person with full rights. As she stuttered and stammered through her answer, she finally noted that we can’t sacrifice the mother’s right to make decisions. By the benign word decision, she was referring to severing the bodies of these unborn persons.

But Justice Blackmun also addressed the concern of the mother’s rights. Conceding that at some point in time we must consider the rights of the unborn, he wrote, “Another interest—that of potential human life—becomes significantly involved. The woman’s [right to] privacy is no longer sole, and any right of privacy she possesses must be measured accordingly.” 

The Justice’s point was clear: the mother’s rights are sole, unless we can establish personhood. Hillary (and science) has established personhood. It is time to reverse Roe and protect our tiniest persons.

Monday, March 28, 2016

A More Perfect Union: Friends of the Library

The first non-restaurant in this series is the Friends of the Carnegie Library. The Friends are most well known for their work as fundraisers for Union's library, but but not as many people know about their new used book store at 126 E. Main St.

All the books in the store are donated, and all the money from book sales goes directly to the Library. The Main Street store has over 10,000 books, both hard and paperback, from all different genres. As part of their March Madness sale, they are offering 3 hardback books for a dollar, and 10 paperback books for a dollar.

The Friends are able to sell their books at such a low price because the store was donated. The only problem is the store needs a new roof, which may cost as much as $30,000. They are currently raising money to repair the roof, and donations are accepted and tax deductible.

I used to go to Pages on Pine in Spartanburg to get my used books, so I'm glad to have a place right here in the county where I can shop. Not only can I keep business local, but I know money spent makes its way to our own Carnegie Library as well.

The store is open on Fridays from 11:00-1:00.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A More Perfect Union: Fresh Seafood on Main

This installment of the series features one of the county’s newest restaurants, Fresh Seafood on Main. Located just off Main Street at 200 S. Gadberry, Fresh Seafood on Main serves lunch daily Tuesday through Saturday.

This establishment offers more than just lunch, though. Customers can dine in or carry out, but they can also leave with their own fish. On ice and under the glass in the restaurant is a variety of fresh fish that can be taken home to cook and eat. It’s that freshness that makes the food on the menu stand out.

Fresh Seafood offers a variety of catches, including steamed, fried or grilled flounder, tilapia, catfish, Florida bream, and ocean perch. They offer unique items like frog legs, calamari, oysters, and gator.

In addition to the regular menu they also have specials, like the honey teriyaki salmon, curry fish, and shrimp and grits. Non-seafood eaters can find hotdogs, turkey burgers, spaghetti, and Philly cheesesteaks.

Fresh Seafood on Main is helping to make a More Perfect Union by offering fish so fresh you’d think you were at the coast. Owner Stanley Clowney, Jr. turned his love for fishing into a market/restaurant combo that gives Union residents another reason to stay home and keep business local. Fresh Seafood on Main is a great catch for Union County.    

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A More Perfect Union: Kirby's Cake Shoppe

The second business highlighted in this series is closely related to the first, in that they are both bakeries. Kirby’s Cake Shoppe, at 1222 S Duncan By Pass, has been around a long time, but has recently expanded their menu.

Over the years Kirby’s has been the place in Union for cakes—weddings, birthdays, or any other reason to have a slice. They have catered events, and several years ago began hosting events in their new location. Last week Kirby’s even hosted a wedding in their banquet room.

In addition to cakes, the Cake Shoppe offers a variety of desserts, including cupcakes, cheese straws, cookies, and coffee.

But what sets Kirby’s apart is their new lunch menu. For years their customers have enjoyed chicken salad, pimento cheese, hotdogs, and vegetable soup, but now the menu has evolved.

At Kirby’s Cake Shop in Union you can have a Reuben sandwich that tastes like New York, BBQ that tastes like Texas, and gumbo that tastes like Louisiana. There are other items on the menu, but the potato salad and sweet tea are a staple with any plate.

We can’t spill the beans about it yet, but owners Wayne and Ann Comtois promise some exciting, delicious news in the near future.   

Thank you, Kirby’s, for offering us another reason to keep business local, and for helping to build a more perfect Union.  

Thursday, February 25, 2016

A More Perfect Union: Apple Blossom Bakery

The first business to be highlighted in this new series is the brand new Apple Blossom Bakery located at 839 Main St. in Buffalo. The bakery is owned by a mother-daughter team of Carla and Rebekah Champion, who expanded their love of baking into a delicious business.

In addition to offering great cupcakes with flavors like banana pudding, key lime pie, and banana split, Apple Blossom also serves meals. If you are looking for a place to have a Sunday dinner after church, then check out Apple Blossom.

But here is what really sets this business apart: the Hershey’s ice cream. Beginning this Saturday, Apple Blossom will be serving 16 flavors of ice cream (including sugar free). Union has great places to get milkshakes, but this will be the only ice cream parlor in the County.

To kick off the unveiling of the ice cream, Apple Blossom is throwing a party. This Saturday from 10:00 AM-8:00 PM you can come by the restaurant for hotdogs, chicken salad, pimento cheese, and of course, ice cream. There will be free face painting and balloon art as well, so bring your family to Apple Blossom Bakery this Saturday as we continue to build a more perfect Union.